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A little about me

Hello and welcome. 


Asa child in upstate New York, I grew up blocks away from the George Eastman House, the historic home of the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company and the world’s oldest museum dedicated to photography. Those weekend visits with my father, who gave me my first camera at age 10, shaped my appreciation for capturing a moment in time, a connection, or a story told through the light of a lens.


My life since has taken many paths, and always with a camera in hand. My home is filled with photographic remembrances and experiences, as I believe that photographs tell a personal narrative of what we value in our lives.


In recent years I found myself drawn to the poetic softness and intricacies of florals, framing each flower in the same way I would approach a fine art portrait - accentuating the uniqueness in a petal’s curl or the movement of a dancing bloom.  I now spend my time as a natural-light floral photographer, recognized for my painterly images that bring life and light to such natural beauty.  

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